Biopunk TV shows that achieved great popularity

Biopunk is a genre of science that combines biology with technology. It is the
futuristic approach to living beings study utilizing modern day technology. Since it
involves very vast dimensions of study, Biopunk is elaborate and intricate in its
own way as well. The popularity of Biopunk increased when Biopunk TV show,
movies, books and games hit the markets. This created a general awareness
amongst the mass audiences and introduced them to the idea of bio-tech
combination scientific fiction.

Biopunk TV shows that are worthwhile

Talking about the biopunk TV show, the first thing that needs to be specified is
that it is media content that is based on scientific fiction i.e. everything is made up
and holds no similarity to any real incidents or findings whatsoever. There are a
number of movies, telefilms, short films and television shows that have been
released in this particular genre. We have overviewed the best and worthwhile TV
shows of this category in this article below.

Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a science fiction American television series. It premiered on
American TV channel FOX in 2000. The TV show starred Jessica Alba in a leading
role and brought her immense recognition for her work in the show as well. The
show was then set in its future 2019 and ironically we are now living on the
threshold of the same year. The story of the show revolves around genetically
enhanced army soldier who has many super abilities now but a child was military-
escape. The TV series was later adapted as a game in the Biopunk gaming

Orphan Black

Orphan black is an original Canadian television series based on the biopunk
scientific fictional genre. The show stars Tatiana Maslany in a lead role. The story
revolves her Tatiana’s character in the show who has several identical clones
genetically engineered. The show revolves around how a lady begins to live with
the identity of her genetically engineered clone after the latter commits suicide in
front of her own eyes.

Orphan Black 7 Genes

‘Orphan black 7 genes’ is the Japanese version and remake of the original BBC
scientific fictional television series Orphan Black. The show released in 2017. The
story of the show revolves around a woman experiences the suicide of her
genetically look alike and has to deal with the trauma later in life.