Biopunk games that have won hearts all over!

Over the years, biopunk games have emerged to be very popular and prevalent. A wide number of audiences are engaged with playing these biotechnological amalgamated scientific fiction games. These games are actually a very popular choice in the scientific fiction category.

What are biopunk games?

According to many sources, biopunk is a genre of scientific study that engulfs biological study of human life, existence and development in combination to advanced scientific and modern technology. Biopunk games explore the imaginative and creative ideas of the human mind and portray them in correlation to modern advanced technology.

Popular choices of biopunk games

The category of biopunk scientific fiction games has continually expanded over the past many years. These games have become a popular choice for players because of the creativity and ingenuity involved with these games.


BioShock is a video shooter role play cyberpunk and biopunk scientific genre game. The game was developed by irrational games and later was succeeded by a follow up successful second game version called the System Shock. The game became popular not only for its science fiction theme but also the incorporation of modern philosophy ideas with biotech.

Dark Angel

The Dark Angel is a biopunk game that has been inspired by the original dark angel television series that was released in 2000 with the same title. This game was announced and released in 2002 and revolves with the storyline of Max fighting to discover her twin clone sister.


Prototype is a scientific fiction biopunk and modern technology game. The game’s theme is set on the character of Alex Mercer. Alex is a shapeshifter and is on a mission to mutate his enemies. The game is a played in single player mode and is based on the action and adventure genres.

Killing floor

Killing floor is a first person shooter game. It was re-released in 2009 after first being published in 2004 under the title of Unreal Tournament. This game also has a sequel with title killing floor 2 that released in 2016. The game is played in 3 dimensional mode of gaming.

Terranigma (Japanese RPG)

Terranigma is a recent and very popular Japanese version of Biopunk RPG games. It is based on action theme and involves role play for the player who plays as Ark – who is involved in Earth’s revivification and progressive development of life.